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Worn Media?

You may notice after some time  that the finish is not quite as good as it once was.  This may mean it’s time to replace the media completely. It is impossible to give an exact timeframe as there are several factors that can affect media life. These include things such as media type, air pressure settings, operating hours etc.

Some machines may get used intermittently while others operate day and night.

Some workshops opt to change out the media whenever they clean the filter (see the bottom of this page).

The wet blast process is much more efficient with media use than the dry process. In a dry unit, the media impacts the piece more directly causing heat to be generated and media impregnation into the part itself. The media also breaks apart on impact more readily creating the harmful dust that requires complicated dust extraction to maintain health and safety standards. Wet units on the other hand provide a water cushion between the part being blasted and the blast media itself. It removes the heat, dust and impregnation issues and prolongs the media life

Not only do our units recycle media more efficiently, they also remove overly worn media as they go. When media gets worn it eventually gets small enough where it wants to sit atop the water inside the cabinet and make its way out the overflow. Meanwhile, good media continues to recirculate. This is why you will top up as you blast (1 kilo per blasting hour as a rough guide).

MUCH better media-life than the dry process

Different media have different wear rates. Soda is extremely soft while aluminium oxide is very tough. Aluminium oxide also breaks into new cutting shapes on impact whereas something like crushed glass will become more rounded and less effective as it wears. 

The replacement of new for old media as you go will keep blasting efficiency higher for longer too, but if after some time you feel the whole thing needs a good clear-out, then it is a pretty simple process.
At the bottom of the machines are 1” ball valves that can be opened in order to fully empty the machine of water and media.
Then you simply refill with water followed by the new media using the appropriate amounts for your machine…

While the machine is empty it can be a good time to make sure the filter is clear

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