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027 Workshop Space and Wetblasting

Workshops by defininition are are busy areas. Often customers are keen to find out how much of their floorspace needs to be dedicated to their cleaning/surface finishing equipment.

There are several factors to consider in locating your machine

  1. Door access – Depending on the machine, there may be  a flip top lid, a right hand door or both right and left hand door access. 
  2. Compressed air – Depending on the output of your compressor you will typically want to keep the distance from the compressor to an air tool as short as possible to minimise pressure losses.
  3. Access to mains water (unless utilizing the optional closed-loop system)
  4. Location of electrical outlets
  5. Distance from the machine overflow to drain (unless utilising the optional closed-loop system). You will want to keep the distance as short as possible to prevent the build-up of fines.

The Mercury

space required for a Mercury
Standard Mercury workshop layout
Mercury with closed-loop workshop layout
Mercury Spec sheet

The Comet

Comet wetblast workshop layout
Standard Comet workshop layout
Comet and closed loop system
Comet with closed-loop workshop layout
Comet spec sheet

The Mars

Mars workshop space
Standard Mars workshop layout
Mars and closed loop
Mars with widthwise closed loop configuration
Mars workshop requirements
Mars with lengthwise closed loop configuration
Mars dimensions
Mars spec sheet
Mars vapour blast

The Titan

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