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035 Accessory – Wheel Support

Accessory - Wheel support

This month we’ll look at the wheel support/ wheel spike. Very useful when you process a lot of wheels.

Our machines are used in a variety of industries, one of which is wheel prep. You can place the wheel on the urethane lined turntable as can be seen in the photo. The turntable comes as a  standard feature of the Dana-Ridge machines.

If you are going to be processing a large number of wheels then the wheel support may be of interest. The advantage of the wheel support is that you can place the wheel over the spike at a comfortable angle and then rotate the turntable in position for blasting. 

Comet vapour blast interior

The jig can be set to a 45 or 60 degree angle. It can accept up to 21″ rims and the support can be easily removed when not required. The spike has a rubber outer and the polystone base material ensures there is no damage to the wheel itself. 

To prevent premature wear on the turntable bush due to uneven weight distribution, we provide a high quality bearing that offers smooth operation and a long service life. 

The most common machines used for wheels are the Comet and the Mars.To see the variety of sizes our units come in please click on the button below

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