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029 Wetblasting and 3D printing

Dana-Ridge and the technological revolution

Yet another advantage of the Dana-Ridge wetblast process

Huge advancements in technology are just starting to ramp up. The Dana-Ridge wetblast process is finding new applications in areas such as hydrogen fuel cell production and 3D printing

Mars vapour blast

Amazing versatility

Tough blast units that will replace your dry blaster BUT with the added ability to clean delicate 3D plastic parts without destroying them

In the 3D printing arena the Dana-Ridge wetblast process can ensure final cleaning of printed components without damage or loss of integrity

Using the Dana-Ridge process in the 3D printing industry

blasted 3D printed part

3D printing is an important part of the new technological revolution and has an exciting future ahead. A multitude of areas are exploring the technology with a range of materials and covers everything from building houses to rockets.

Even the fine, delicate details of the woman's shoe and gap between her arm and knee are preserved

When printing with plastic/polymers there are several methods available for various applications.
In some processes, powdered polymers are fused together layer by layer to create the part and can create moving parts and even parts of varying colour. One of the final parts of the process is to remove the remaining powder to reveal the completed piece in all its glory. This is where the wetblast process is ideal as there are several advantages at play.

Images courtesy of Evok3d

The waste powder tends to float on the surface of the water in the sump and get carried out the overflow where it can be collected and disposed of.

What else can these machines do?

Comet interior

Remove tough coatings

Paint or powdercoat can be blasted off as well as other coatings

cylinder head wet blasted

Remove rust or carbon buildup

Easily remove rust or carbon buildup on components

vapour blasted yamaha motor

Brighten metals

Bring up a nice bright finish on metals including soft metals such as aluminium, brass and copper

Clean plastic parts

With the right settings you can clean plastic and rubber without scuffing

oil pump

Blast oily parts

No need to degrease or preclean filthy components before blasting, saving you time and money

wetblasting a circuit board

Other specialised tasks

Such as cleaning circuit boards, etching, nuclear decontamination and soda blasting

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