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023 Running Costs

Cost effective surface preparation

Running Costs
of a
Dana-Ridge Wetblaster

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What are the inputs?

The cost of running an air compressor varies between different models and types of compressor. To learn more about compressed air requirements click here.

Ensure you have a large enough compressor  to run all the air consuming tools that will be running simultaneously in your calculations

  • Option 1 is to connect a ½” hose from your mains water supply to the machine water inlet
  • Option 2 is to connect the optional “closed loop system”. The water will recirculate without the need for mains water other than for the initial fill.
  • The machine already recirculates the abrasive and water but there is extra water introduced into the system to lubricate the wiper blade and for the rinse gun that is used to wash down parts after blasting.
  • Mercury and single-phase Comet machines have a 1.5kW pump that requires 240V and plug into a 15A outlet.
  • 3-phase machines require 415V and are generally hardwired in by the customers own electrician.
  • Closed loop system has a 0.37kW pump that is required to run continuously during blasting.
  • Click here to learn more about the electrical requirements of the machines

The machines consume approximately 1kg of media per blasting hour (includes build up of media on the walls etc.. Glass bead for example comes in 25kg bags and costs $68.50+gst/bag

Click here to learn more about abrasive media choices


  • Commonly used inside the machine to provide temporary rust inhibition during and after blasting
  •  Used at a 2% concentration
  • Learn more here


  • Useful when blasting  oily parts 
  • A quick break detergent that helps separate the oils allowing them to exit the overflow more easily
  • Learn more here

Parts, which may require replacement during a working year, include gun nozzles and airjets, gloves, window, wiper arm and blades. Dana-Ridge has been in operation since 1987 and is able to supply parts and consumables to keep you operating for years to come.

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