Dana-Ridge Wetblast Accessories

A newly purchased wetblast unit from Dana-Ridge comes with a starter-kit to get you working straight away. It includes 2 x bags of blasting media, 1 x 20L drum of ‘No Rust’ and a media concentration jar, ALL FREE. The machines themselves are essentially plug ’n play. Attach air, water and power. Add the blast media of your choice and you’re ready to provide quality, cleaned and blasted parts for yourself and/or your customers.

Free Starter kit with every machine purchased direct from Dana-Ridge

Some items we have seen as optional extras with competitors come as standard on our machines. We don’t believe tool-posts (for holding the process gun) or turntables (to place your parts on in the machine) should be considered “options”. The Dana-Ridge process system includes them as part of a complete system.

That’s not to say we don’t have some goodies to make blasting even more efficient for your business.

VR20 Aqua “NO RUST” rust preventative

A concentrated mild chemical additive. An environmentally friendly rust preventative that leaves no film or residue on the blasted part and prevents flash rusting for a week or two in dry conditions. It can be washed off with water if necessary or painted right over. It can be added to the machine at a 2% concentration or in a separate ‘dunk’ tank at 6%. It’s also a mild detergent that helps separate oil and grease from the water. A 20L drum comes FREE with your machine when purchased from Dana-Ridge. Drum of No Rust

VD25 Aqua Kleen, wetblast machine detergent

A low-foam detergent additive useful when large amounts of oil and grease are present. Added directly to the sump, it allows the oil and grease to scum on top of the water and then out the side overflow keeping your parts and cabinet interior cleaner.

Recirculating tank

A 200 or 240 Litre tank with compartments to trap sediment and grease from the overflow and allow the recirculation of water back to the window spray and rinse gun creating a fully “closed-loop” system. It means no need to connect to the mains water supply, no drain is required, additives are not diluted over time, spent media is stored and it keeps the local councils happy. CLICK HERE to learn more

Side-load station

An option if you have parts you would like to crane onto the turntable and then into the machine for processing. Useful from an occupational health and safety perspective when dealing with heavy items

Multi-gun, automated systems

Any number of configurations are available. Machines can be built to suit any number of applications and can involve semi-automated systems or more complicated setups if necessary. Talk to Dana-Ridge and we can tailor something to your needs.


A cost-effective way to increase the working area of the machine is to install an airlock. It allows the processing of long parts by letting the part “pass through” the machine wall while keeping the blast and media contained

As shown in the picture it has a cover-plate that can be used when the airlock is not required.

Sacrificial window

A sacrificial window “quick change” system is useful if you are using particularly aggressive media that is frequently diverted onto the viewing window. Just turn a few knobs, swap the window for a new one and carry on.

PWC Port-a-wet cyclone

Useful in the larger machines for changing media. Just turn a valve and the slurry is diverted, the media is “spun” out and the water is returned to the machine. The media can then be stored for reuse later or discarded and replaced in the machine.

Wheel support

If your business does a lot of wheel blasting then this item will give you a stable platform with adjustable angle settings to make the job that much easier. It bolts to the existing turntable and means less man-handling while blasting. It can be removed when not required.

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Media concentration jar

A simple but effective method for measuring the concentration of media to water in your Dana-Ridge wetblast cabinet. A concentration of 25-30% is considered optimal (unless using particularly fine media). You simply aim the slurry (no air) up to the bottom of the side fill hole and no further. Then let the media settle showing the level through the translucent container.

Side Wall Extension Unit

Designed to give your Comet or Mars machine more usable internal space. It bolts to the side of your machine and is useful for more awkward shaped parts that need blasting.

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