Aqua-kleen Detergent - VD25

A bit of oil and dirt does no harm to the wetblast machine. It is yet another one of the many advantages over a dry cabinet system.

If you’re blasting more heavily soiled parts on a regular basis, then VD25 Aqua-Kleen additive is for you.

Product Description and Use

Available in a 25L drum, VD-25 is a specially formulated, high alkaline, low foaming, detergent additive. It is used to cut through and penetrate oil, grease and soil. It keeps these contaminants in suspension for removal through the Wet Blast machine overflow.

VD-25’s dispersive properties prevent the coagulation of oil, grease and soil material in the pump circuit of the wet blast system.

These dispersive properties reduce the likelihood of media “clumping” in the sump and media “hang” on the inside the cabinet.

VD-25’s alkaline salts are especially formulated to penetrate oil, grease and soil but protect metal components, including alloys, unlike other heavy alkaline detergents.


  • Food grade safe detergent
  • Soluble in water
  • Low-foaming with dispersive properties
  • Media “clumping” and “hang” through oil or grease coagulation eliminated
  • Assists in maintaining a clear pump circuit (hoses and pipe work clear of soil build-up) with its superior grease penetrating properties
  • High alkaline salts penetrate and cut through oil, grease and soil but protect metal components


Product Characteristics

VD-25 is a slightly hazy, colourless, slightly viscous liquid that is soluble in water. VD-25 emits a sweet smelling odour.

Directions For Use

Using a measuring cup add product to achieve a 0.10% to 0.25% concentration in the machine sump. This concentration level will gradually dilute with machine operation, depending on the volume of window wash used or whether the water in the machine is constantly topped up or recycled. To replenish concentration levels add the appropriate quantity of VD-25  every eight (8) operating hours.

VD-25 is specially formulated to use in conjunction with VR-20 (AQUA No-Rust), Dana-Ridge’s temporary rust protection additive.

Handling Precautions

VD-25 is a Class 8 Dangerous Good.

Undiluted, the product is corrosive and harmful if swallowed. Avoid contact with eyes and skin. Wear safety glasses and rubber gloves to prevent contact with undiluted product.



Refer to the label or the MSDS for further safety information.

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