Aqua NO RUST - VR20

When blasting ferrous material that will rust in a wet environment, a useful product to use is VR20 “No-Rust”. A 20L drum comes free with a purchase of a new wetblast machine from Dana-Ridge.

VR-20 prevents rust during the rinsing and drying of steel articles after they have been cleaned.

When added to rinse water VR-20 renders the surface ‘passive’ – a condition in which rust cannot develop. This period prior to painting, welding or further processing will last for up to 3 weeks.

VR-20 forms a very slight, non-greasy and practically invisible film on the treated surface. It is usually harmless to subsequent processing (e.g. paint) and can normally be allowed to remain there. However, if necessary, it can be removed by a simple water rinse.

VR-20 will give protection against ‘flash rusting’, when added into the ‘wet blasting’ water.

VR-20 contains buffer salts to maintain the correct pH value of 9.5 and can itself be used as a mild detergent. Lightly soiled articles can be cleaned in a solution of between 2%-10% of VR-20 per litre of water at 70-80 0C and dried without further rinsing to give a rust resistant product. VR-20 prevents rust during the rinsing and drying of steel articles after they have been cleaned.

  • Contains buffer salts to maintain correct pH
  • Soluble in water
  • Non-greasy
  • Works for up to 3 weeks

VR-20 is a pale straw-coloured liquid that is soluble in water and gives excellent temporary rust prevention.

Directions for Use

  • Option 1. Dose up the machine with the correct amount of low-foaming VR20 @ 2% concentration; see the table below. If using the optional settlement tank, be sure to split the dosage between the machine and the tank at the appropriate levels or you may end up overdosing the sump, causing foaming issues.
  • Option 2. Set up a “dunk tank” next to your machine to immerse the freshly blasted part. With this method a higher concentration of VR20 can be used. 

Machine Model

Total Water Volume (Litres)

Dosage rate

VR20 amount to add (ml)

Mercury sump26L2%520ml
Comet sump28L2%560ml
Mars sump125L2%2500ml
Titan sump250L2%5000ml
Settlement tank for Comet and smaller200L2%4000ml
Settlement tank for Mars and larger240L2%4800ml

Ordinary articles will dry rapidly from their own heat when removed from the VR-20 solution. To assist protection, drying with a rag or via compressed air is beneficial.

The following table gives an indication of the protection that can be expected when using VR-20.

VR-20 – Rust Preventative

3% VR-20

4% VR-20

Dry indoor conditions2 weeks3 weeks
Humid indoor conditions2 weeks3 weeks
Sheltered outdoor conditions or exposed conditions in fair weather4 or 5 days1 week

Please note: Length of protection may be more or less than the given time, depending on the type of steel and the environment.

Refer to the label or the MSDS for further safety information.

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