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042 Visibility and venting

Excellent visibility

The Dana Ridge range of wetblast machines provide great visibility required to generate quality work.

In this blog post we look at some of the features of the machines that make blasting easy and also some of the things you can do to make sure it stays that way

Bright lighting and reflective blast curtains

White urethane blast curtains inside the machine ensure a long life of the machine while reflecting the light inside the cabinet so that you have a great view of what you are blasting.

Bright overhead light makes sure you don’t miss anything.

Viewing window

Dana-Ridge wetblast units have large viewing windows made from either laminated or tempered glass. 

The glass generally remains scuff free for longer compared to a dry blast unit meaning less frequent glass changes. However, a quick-change sacrificial window setup is available as an option. See the menu: products>Accessories>Sacrificial window

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A vent is located at the top of each machine. This prevents the cabinet from pressurising, leading to misting and poor visibility.

Most machines in operation don’t have any ducting attached but some customers prefer to add ducting (similar to that pictured) and even an extraction fan and that is fine. 

Wiper and spray

New marine grade electric wiper motor setup and adjustable window spray means reliable clear viewing making it easy to see what is blasted/unblasted 

window wash

Keeping it that way

There are some things you can do to make sure visibility is maintained. Some simple checks every now and then keep everything running smoothly

Ensure that nozzles and airjets are not worn out. Worn airjets especially will cause excessive misting and poor visibility

process gun

Ensure process guns are in good order

If the window is scuffed, then replace the glass.

air regulator

Maximum pressure used is 5.5-6.2 bar (80-90psi). Any higher and you obliterate the water cushion and you just smash up perfectly good media for no real gain. It also will cause extra misting, leading to poor visibility

Keep the vent free from build-up of media over time


Parts and supplies

Dana-Ridge supplies all the parts and consumables you need to keep blasting for years to come.


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