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Vapor blasting vs wet blasting

038 What is vapor blasting?

What is vapor blasting?

Vapor blasting is a similar to the Dana-Ridge wet blast process whereby a volume of water and abrasive are agitated in a sump and then directed to a process gun where compressed air is combined. 

The Dana-Ridge process differs however, in that the agitation is more direct ensuring a better concentration of media through to the external pump leading to greater efficiency.

Why vapor honing is a misnomer

There is a little confusion around the names of certain wet blasting processes. It is understandable when you hear terms like “vapour” blasting for us in Australia or “vapor honing” for the Americans. 

The term causes confusion because vapor is a liquid diffused in the air and honing is usually associated with machining a surface or the process of sharpening a knife.

what is vapor blasting?

Another issue is the fact that people sometimes associate the wet blasting process with high pressure water cleaners. Wet blasters generally use high volume/low pressure pumps and it is the compressed air that provides the atomisation. On the other hand, high pressure washers generate high compression within the water itself. 

Water jet cutters can cut through steel and may or may not employ abrasive to assist.

There is also variations within the wet blast terminology itself of course. There are open systems, closed systems, dustless blasting, total loss vs recycling, pressure pots, venturi etc. There’s head attachments that add abrasive to the pressure wash process creating a  “wet blaster” for outdoor use (with varying degrees of success). There are attachments that are used in dry blasting that can use water to suppress the dust.

Why you should choose the Dana-Ridge wetblast process

  • It’s an enclosed system where everything is contained and recycled within a cabinet. This means long media life and the media is not lost or wasted.

  • Media is agitated and directed more forcefully to the pump rather than simply sampling the mixture from the sump. 

  • They are industrial grade machines designed to operate day in and day out for many years. 

  • Uses a high volume, low pressure pump allowing multi-gun operation

  • Air used only to atomise to obtain desired degree of aggressiveness of blasting.

  • Allows for both gentle or aggressive blasting with control over the air supplied to the process gun.

  • Little to no damage to more delicate parts. No heat-damage.

  • Multi-gun systems (where fitted) are fed from a single pump so uniformity of flow and concentration are maintained.

  • Bonus is simultaneous degreasing and rust inhibition.

  • Maximum use of space in the hopper as the pump is mounted to the back of the machine. This also allows ease of access for maintenance.

  • Using its scrubbing action, contamination, surface deposits, scale or burrs are quickly removed and carried away, leaving a very clean and smooth surface.
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