Introducing the TITAN model

A high performance manual or semi-automatic operated wetblast machine developed specifically for continuous production use  offering…

  • Single operation cleaning – grease, oil, burnt-on carbon, paint, grime, scale… all removed simultaneously
  • Complete elimination of dust and heat during cleaning
  • No component erosion or media impregnation – threads, bearing areas and other critical measurements maintained
  • No toxic or harmful chemicals – no atmospheric or environmental pollution
  • Capable of processing all types of materials
  • Lower media and maintenance cost than conventional dry blasting

Internal dimensions: 150cm wide x 180cm high x 175cm deep with a 125cm diameter abrasive resistant turntable with a 750kg load capacity. A wide range of componentprofiles and dimensions can be accepted. Mesh grids are mounted beneath the turntable to prevent components falling into the sump.

Good visibility is achieved by a wide safety window with water spray and electric wiper plus high-density fluorescent lighting. The special safety glass provides high strength and white, blast resistant, PVC curtains give excellent light reflectivity and visibility as well as protection to the internal operating area of the machine.

The unit can be operated standing or sitting or semi-automatically. The large diameter, heavy-duty electrically controlled revolving turntable aids heavy component handling. The process gun can be hand-held or bracket mounted or semi automated. A mains water rinse nozzle is provided.

Easy Loading
A right hand door, which is fitted with a safety switch and cam-action locking handles, allows easy access.

Simple Control
Control of the pump and compressed air is by knee-operated switches in manual mode. Further air control is by an air pressure regulator and gauge incorporated into the airline. In semi-automatic mode control of the blast cycle is by PLC.

High Performance
This is achieved with the purpose-designed high volume pump and matching process gun. Both pump and process gun(s) are lined to give maximum protection against abrasive wear.

The system can be used with a wide range of abrasives; glass beads, plastic, sodium bicarbonate, organic and other soft blast media.

Power Consumption
The pump is an 11 kW glandless system, capable of simultaneously running up to 12 process guns, if required, for the customer’s application.
Compressed air consumption ranges from 1.13 to 1.7m3/min (40-60 CFM) depending upon the speed and intensity of blasting required. Where
multiple process guns are required for the application, a higher nominal free air volume is needed.

GRP Construction
Sound attenuation of the glass fibre reinforced (GRP) plastic cabinet is nominally 85 db(A). The cabinet includes waste removal. Quality components ensure minimum maintenance.

Optional Equipment:

Sump Overflow Tank:
This is connected to the machine overflow to trap solids that might otherwise be carried to drains. A baffle retains floating contamination like oil and grease that can be periodically decanted off.

Closed Circuit System:
Intended for installations where drainage is unavailable. Waste solids and floating contamination are removed whilst cleansed water is recirculated back to the machine.

Portable Wet Cyclone (PWC) Unit:
A portable centrifugal separator, when connected into the media circuit, removes the media charge for maintenance or to change the media. The PWC is offered complete.

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