The Dana-Ridge Wetblast Process

The Dana-Ridge wet blast process is a unique wet blast finishing process. It utilises an abrasive media, water and compressed air to induce a scrubbing action on the surface of the material being processed. It is sometimes referred to as slurry blasting or (sometimes incorrectly) vapour blasting or vapour honing.

The Dana-Ridge wetblast process uses a gland-less pump to recirculate a wet slurry  around the cabinet and onto the work surface. The added compressed air regulates the degree of water cushioning to the abrasive on the work-piece. The higher the pressure and volume of  air, the more aggressive the Dana-Ridge wet blast process becomes. This control allows great flexibility.

The heart of the Dana-Ridge wet blast process is our unique gland-less, slurry pump. The pump design is specific for wet blasting, without bearings, seals, or packing. The interior parts of the pump, including the housings and impellor, are bonded with abrasion-resistant polyurethane. All these features combine to give the pump a long and relatively maintenance-free life.

Cut-away image showing the Dana-Ridge wetblast process

The cut-away picture above shows how the Dana-Ridge wetblast process works. It thoroughly agitates the media and water and draws from a collection point at the bottom of the sump. This gives a consistent flow of slurry to the process gun ready for the compressed air atomisation. It allows a highly efficient blast compared to other methods of wetblasting.

The Benefits of the Dana-Ridge Wetblast System

    • Provides a superior finish

    • Uses a high volume, low pressure pump allowing multi-gun operation

    • Air used only to atomise to obtain desired degree of aggressiveness of blasting.

    • Pump simultaneously provides sump agitation

    • Allows for both gentle or aggressive blasting with control over the air supplied to the process gun.

    • Little to no damage to more delicate parts. No heat-damage.

    • Recirculation of media giving long life and reduced costs.

    • Multi-gun system fed from single pump so uniformity of flow and concentration are maintained.

    • Bonus is simultaneous degreasing and rust inhibition.

    • Long working life from the glandless urethane-lined pump

    • Maximum use of space in the hopper as the pump is mounted to the back of the machine. This also allows ease of access for maintenance.

    • Using its scrubbing action, contamination, surface deposits, scale or burrs are quickly removed and carried away, leaving a very clean and smooth surface.

    • They are commercial grade machines able to operate hour after hour in a busy workshop.