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021 The Magic of Wetblasting

vapour blasted yamaha motor

The Dana-Ridge wetblast units are aggressive and gentle, give a smooth surface and a “keyed” surface, give a bright lustre and  a matte finish… wait… what? 

This sounds like some sort of alchemy or witchcraft!

wetblast alchemy

How can one machine have the ability to leave a substrate unharmed but is also able to produce a “keyed” surface. Or how does it have the ability to remove tough powder coating, but also the ability to remove lacquer coating from a circuit board, (leaving the delicate copper tracks intact)?

You get to choose which of these surface finishes you desire!

It is achieved through the choice of abrasive media and air pressure settings.

One Machine, Many options

Mars vapour blast

Through simple media and pressure adjustments...

You can quickly...

  • clean aluminium mating surfaces without ruining them
  • clean plastic without scuffing the surface
  • brighten brass and other soft metals even if they have embossed lettering
  • remove lacquer from a circuit board without destroying the  circuit
  • operate with significantly improved media life
  • give a bright finish
  • protect parts from flash rusting even though it is a wet process through use of VR20
  • easily use media that is a pain to use in a dry setup such as plastics and soda

Also with the ability to...

  • obtain a matte finish
  • remove rust
  • remove tough coatings such as powder coating
  • give a keyed surface for new paint and other coatings to adhere to
  • Blast wheel rims ready for a new coating
  • etch glass and stone
  • provide a clean surface without the worry of fingerprints
  • clean components without any heat damage
  • Easily change abrasive media
  • be kinder to the environment

All without the need to pre-clean the part. This saves time and money and without the use of nasty chemicals, heat or mess!

The wow factor from these machines is when you put in a filthy part that has been buried in a thousand years of dirt, grime and grease and later removing that very same piece from the Dana-Ridge unit and it looks better than it did the day it was made. Having seen and worked on these machines for many years I still get surprised with the quality of the finished product. Imagine what your customers will think. They’ll assume you have a big green time machine that takes components back to the very day they were assembled.

Some of the guys that deal with vintage components would shudder if parts look too ‘highly processed’, but with a simple abrasive swap and ‘presto change-o’, a less bright finish that makes the component look like it did all those years ago without making it look too modern and of course not damaging irreplaceable parts as occurs in a dry process.

wetblasting a circuit board

The Dana-Ridge machines process materials more safely and at higher quality levels than traditional methods of surface finishing. This is particularly sought after in industries such as aviation and marine.

The Dana-Ridge wet blasters are commercial grade units designed to provide consistent speed and quality of output. Check out our testimonials.

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Once you have one of these machines, you'll wonder how you ever got along without it!