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016 Side Extension Unit

Available for the COMET or MARS

Today we’re going to cover yet another option available for Dana-Ridge wetblast units  that can add even more versatility to an already versatile machine.

If you need just that little bit extra room inside the cabinet but not so much that it would justify jumping up to our larger machines, then the side extension unit is a very cost effective option. It adds very little to the overall footprint of the machine so it is also useful if you have limited workshop space. 

If you are not sure if you really need it, it can be added later on should you change your mind. 

It is important to note that even though you can put larger items in the machine, the weight limit on the machine turntable (Comet 50kg and Mars 200kg) is still calculated with the assumption that the weight is distributed evenly on the turntable itself.

Increased Cabinet Size

This fibreglass housing bolts to the side of either the COMET or the MARS to extend the width of the unit by 400mm. White polymer blast curtains serve several functions including light reflectivity, protection of the fibreglass from the blast stream and redirection of media back to the pump via the angled base and slats covering the cavity inside. The unit can be fitted to a new machine or as an after-market option for an existing Dana-Ridge wetblast unit.

Adds Versatility

It is Australian made, compact and if requested, an optional blanking plate can be added that can revert your machine back to its standard dimensions by unbolting the unit and bolting on the plate.

Should you have longer parts that you wish to pass through the machine then the side airlock option might be more suited to your needs.

Standard Comet Specs

Standard Mars Specs

Comet side unit
Comet with attachment

Of course, if you need even more room then you can take it to the next level with units such as the TITAN, or a custom Australian-built SATURN cabinet and walk-in NEPTUNE platforms. Click the button below to learn more about these options…