Closed-Loop recirculation system

Make your wetblast machine even more efficient with a 'Closed Loop System'

A wetblast machine purchased from Dana-Ridge comes ready with everything you need to get started straight away. However…

… as an optional extra, we have what is called a recirculating tank; also known as a ‘closed-loop system’.

Why they are useful

When blasting, the slurry of media and water is recycled inside the machine. However, a window spray and a rinse gun mean that extra water is introduced into the sump during use. This extra water dribbles out the overflow on the side or back of the machine, taking with it worn media and oil/grease from the parts.

The recirculating tank allows the recycling of water and negates the need to be attached to the mains water supply. It also means any chemical additives will not dilute through use. Meaning cost savings and an even more environmentally friendly setup than it already is. 

How they work

The “dirty” end of the aluminium tank is positioned under the overflow of the machine. Sediment and oil/grease are trapped in the first compartments while allowing relatively clean water to be recirculated to the machine window wash and rinse gun via the attached pump and hoses.

Oil and grease can be decanted off using the attached skimmer hose. This is then disposed of periodically, along with any solids that have built up over time. How regularly you need to clean-out the tank and skim off the waste oil/grease is directly proportional to how dirty the parts are that you are cleaning.

Benefits of the closed loop/recirculation tank

  • Australian made from high quality materials and components
  • Makes the system fully “closed-loop”.
  • Fully tested before leaving the workshop
  • Environmentally friendly
  • Filters oil/grease for easy decanting and disposal
  • Removable baffles for easy cleaning
  • Stores and filters “spent” media for disposal
  • Allows the recycling of water back to the machine meaning no water loss
  • No dilution of chemical additives inside the machine leading to cost savings
  • No need to have the machine connected to the mains water supply
  • Compact and efficient
  • Keeps local councils happy


While certainly not essential for the wetblast machine to operate effectively, the recirculating tank can provide water cost and additive cost savings and create a fully closed-loop system that can be positioned where water supply is unavailable. The only water loss is through evaporation.

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