Combining the more compact size of the MARS with the semi-automated features of the  TITAN is the MARS-ODYSSEY.

The Odyssey offers uniform cleaning and surface finishing by either:
– manually processing the components using the manual process gun or
– via an automated blasting process that has 4 pneumatic, horizontally oscillating process guns, blasting down on a rotating turntable for 1 pre-programmed cycle.

Removable white PVC abrasion resistant curtains are fitted inside the cabinet where necessary to protect the internal surfaces from blast over-spray. They are light and reflective to aid visibility.

A 6″ Human Machine Interface (HMI) fitted to the front of the cabinet allows for interaction between the operator and the machine during the automatic cycle.

Guns on the oscillating arm are direction and height adjustable to give a more thorough surface coverage on the automated setting and any further processing can be performed with the single manual gun as necessary.

Optional Closed-Loop system

closed loop system

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Once you have one of these machines, you'll wonder how you ever got along without it!