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005 New wet blast accessory available from Dana-Ridge

Now available from Dana-Ridge is the mini porta-wet-cyclone (Mini PWC), the easy way to empty your wet blast machine of media while leaving the water inside.

Like its big brother, the PWC, this little gem allows you to remove glass bead, aluminium oxide and other forms of blast media from your sump with very little effort.

The mini PWC comes with a catchment bucket to collect the media and you start by half filling the bucket with water. The reason for this becomes apparent if you are emptying a MERCURY or a COMET machine that has a 26 and 28 litre sump respectively. If you use an empty bucket, then you will also be removing that volume of water from the sump until the bucket fills. In order to allow the pump to operate most efficiently it is useful to add water to the bucket first, leaving more available to the pump. With the larger machines such as the MARS, with its 125Litre sump, the water removed is only a small portion relative to the sump and is not of concern.

  The next steps are as follows:

  1. Position the mini PWC on top of the half-filled bucket
  2. Remove the gun-nut and nozzle from the front of the process gun
  3. Insert the nozzle from the mini PWC into the process gun and tighten the PWC gun-nut
  4. Depress the “pump on” foot pedal on the wet blast machine. Do NOT engage the “air on” pedal
  5. Allow the media to flow into the mini PWC for several minutes. The media will be directed down into the bucket while the water is forced up and out the top elbow and back to the machine sump. The amount of time taken will depend on how big the sump is, the size of the media involved and how much is present in the machine. If it is a MARS machine you may have to do it several times as the volume of media in the machine may exceed the volume of the collection bucket.
  6. Remove the bucket and mini PWC
  7. Replace the nozzle and nut on the process gun and refill the machine with the desired replacement media.

The media can be put aside for re-use later on if desired.

It is recommended that you don’t wash down the interior of the cabinet until you have removed some media first with the mini PWC. With the smaller machines you may find that if you wash down the cabinet first, it is possible to end up with more media than you should and you may block the agitation hose. This especially true if you are already running at the maximum volume of media to water before emptying. This is easily remedied if you forget and is unlikely to be a consideration on a larger MARS machine.