Introducing the MERCURY wetblaster

The Mercury model has a small footprint (110 x 100 cm) in the workshop but packs a punch in operational performance.

It has a 26-litre glass-fibre reinforced sump that takes a 2 to 4.5kg charge of abrasive.

Only 240-volt power is required

Air requirement is only 425-736 LPM (15-26 cfm) to run this  machine.

Typical industry applications for this model machine include;

  • Diesel fuel pump industry,
  • Jewellery manufacturers,
  • Stainless steel medical component manufacturers.

Typical media types used in this machine are glass bead, aluminum oxide and sodium bicarbonate.

For more detailed information about this model click here for a brochure.

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Once you have one of these machines, you'll wonder how you ever got along without it!