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025 Maintenance Schedule

Another major benefit of the Dana-Ridge wetblast units are their low maintenance costs and servicing needs. Throughout the country our machines are at work, producing quality results in many different industries. They are designed to work hard and with only minor maintenance requirements they will continue working for many years to come.

With durable urethane-lined components and large industrial strength pumps the machines are built tough. Inside the GRP cabinet, the light reflecting polyurethane curtains protect from the blast stream. Lamina flow of the water/media means less wear than a dry setup.

Maintenance Schedule

itemtask8 hrs40 hrs500 hrs
Media and
air hoses
Check condition and clips
Replace/tighten as necessary
Work GlovesCheck condition
Replace as necessary
Machine sumpCheck condition of agitation hose
Check sump grids undamaged, correctly
fitted and free of damageable objects
Check sump water level
Window wiperCheck wiper blade
Replace as necessary
Process GunCheck gun body, gun nut, process nozzle,
air jet, non-return valve ball and spring
Replace parts as necessary
Media changeReplace old media
See Frequently Asked Questions for more on this
Media pump unitSplit pump unit top & bottom casings. Check top and bottom casings, impellor, motor extension shaft, flow back hose and pump motor bearings for excessive wear or damage. See Pump Maintenance Instructions for method of dismantling and reassembly. Replace parts as necessary.X
Air line equipmentDrain sediment from airline filter, if fitted. Drain oil lubrication bottle, if fitted. Refill with Shell Turbo 32 or similar grade.X
Fastenings and connectionsCheck mechanical fastenings and electrical connection for tightnessX
TurntableCheck turntable bearing for excessive wear. Replace as necessaryX
FilterMercury and Comets have aluminium punched-plate filters fixed in the sump while larger machines have removable cylindrical filters accessible from the rear of the machine that need to be cleared periodically. X

Just some of the advantages...

  • The pumps are extremely reliable and hard-wearing. Based on historical averages, approximately 12,500 to 14,000 operating hours from the urethane lined pump is achieved. **NOTE**Those figures assume the use of a larger aggressive aluminium oxide. Using gentler blast media, such as glass bead abrasive, achieves even longer life.
  •  They are commercial machines designed to work long hours
  • We keep a range of parts on hand and individual pump parts are readily available.
  • Dana-Ridge is here to back you up as a valued customer and have been doing so since 1987.
  • Fibreglass cabinets provide noise attenuation and are robust. Interior curtains provide excellent light reflection and wear.
  • Media life is much longer than a dry process due to the water cushion effect of the blast stream
  • Mesh filters and grids prevent unwanted parts going through the pump and causing damage.
  • Minimal maintenance needs and if the maintenance schedule is followed the machines will last a long time. There are machines out there that have been in operation for 30-40 years.
  • Machines come with a free starter kit and a 12 month warranty. 
  • Ongoing support if required

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