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Machine Installation

Here at Dana-Ridge we are often asked about the set-up requirements for our wetblast units.

Customers will be up and running in no time at all and Dana Ridge is able to supply ongoing consumables, just as we have been doing for our customers since 1987.

When the machine arrives from us you can be assured that it has gone through our quality control process and is ready to get to work earning its keep straight away.

They are commercial grade machines and will give years of faithful service with Dana-Ridge on hand to provide advice, service and parts should they be needed and backed by a 12-month warranty for peace of mind.

What you need…

  1. A place to put the machine that is out of the elements with access to…
  2. Power (240V or 415V depending on the machine)
  3. Compressed air
  4. Water (with the closed-loop setup you only need a water supply for the initial fill and any losses over time through normal evaporation)
  5. Blast media (included in the free starter kit).


Upon receipt of the machine, you will position it in the most suitable area for you. Consideration will need to be made for the machine height, door opening, closed loop system, if used (access to a suitable drain if not), side-load station (if so equipped) and rear access for future maintenance. Recirculating (closed loop) tanks are best positioned directly under the machine overflow but short lengths of PVC pipe with as few bends as possible mean the tank can be positioned somewhat clear of the machine.

If using a spherical media such as glass bead it is recommended to put anti-fatigue mats down where the operator will be walking. The mat will minimise slip hazards and increase operator comfort.


Compressed air from a suitably sized compressor. Join using a ½” dia. air hose. It’s preferable to use hoseclamps rather than nitto style fittings that tend to restrict the flow of air. Adjust the air pressure setting to the desired level using the supplied air regulator.


air regulator
Electrical plugs


Single phase machines come ready to go with a 15 Amp 3-pin plug and run off normal 240V supply.

3 Phase 415V units are usually hard-wired in by a licensed electrician although they can be equipped with an appropriate plug (to suit your intended socket) and length of cable by Dana-Ridge at additional cost.



Without closed loop system

Simply attach a ½” hose from your water supply to the machine inlet. The machine recirculates the blast media but the mains water is used to lubricate the windscreen wiper to aid in visibility. The attached rinse gun is used for washing down the part once finished blasting and will also be supplied by the mains water in this configuration.

With closed loop system (optional purchase)

You will only need an external water supply to fill the machine and tank up. Once filled you are independent of any mains water.  Connect the ¾” hose from the closed loop tank to the water inlet on the machine, plug the pump of the recirculation tank into a 240V 10 Amp 3 pin socket and you’re done.

Media and 'No Rust'

The free starter kit comes with two bags of blast media, a 20L drum of ‘No Rust and a media concentration jar. Load the appropriate amount of media onto the turntable and dose up with ‘no rust’ (amounts will be found in the manual and vary between different sized machines – ‘No Rust is only necessary if blasting ferrous material). Wash the media off the turntable into the sump using the process gun.

Congratulations, you are now ready to blast your parts.

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