Blasting across Industries

The Dana-Ridge wetblast system is used in a variety of applications. Following are JUST A FEW of the that industries that commonly use our equipment to improve quality, productivity and engineering standards.

The output from Dana-Ridge’s range of industrial wetblast machines is superior to traditional sandblasting and this can be a crucial difference in aviation applications for example


Used by a number of aviation manufacturers, the Dana-Ridge wetblast process is safer than dry blasting for both the operator AND the components. The difference  makes the Dana-Ridge wetblast unit the obvious choice.

Customers include:
Standard Aero
Pacific Turbine
GE Aviation
Hawker Pacific
Leonardo Helicopters
Asia Pacific Aerospace
Alliance Airlines
Defence Force
and more… 

defence force


A popular use for the wetblast process is the restoration/cleaning of components on cars, motorcycles and trucks, both vintage or modern. It is also used in the wheel repair business.

The wide spectrum of finishes available; from bright through to matte, combined with the ability to remove rust, paint and carbon deposits leaves customers in awe.


What other process can be powerful enough to remove paint and powdercoat from steel but  can also be set up to remove laquer from a circuit board while leaving the copper tracks intact? 


Clean investment casting with no fuss. Customers include:

Michael Hill Jeweller
Sapphire export
Wallace Bishop
Morris & Watson
Lenrose Creative…

Contract Blasting

Set up a business for yourself doing contract blasting of customer components. You’ll be surprised with some of the things you will be asked to clean. Even more unusual requests such as etching stone, frosting glass or cleaning plastics and rubber can be accommodated.  Not to mention the amazing job it does on a range of metals. With its huge versatility, you will have customers stunned at the results. 


Marine equipment is subject to a harsh environment and parts can get into quite a state. The great thing about the wetblast process is that you can make stainless steel, copper, brass and aluminium look like new without destroying the component. Perfect for marine applications.

Extrusion Dies

Several customers use our machines to restore extrusion dies. The process cleans them up without destroying them like you would in a dry unit. Dies can be very expensive so keeping them in good working order for longer means huge savings. The wet blast process is the way to go.

extrusion dies

3-D printing

The process can be used to remove powdered polymers and reveal the newly 3D printed parts

different blasts

Removing powder Coating

Tough enough to blast off powder coating. Changing the media and the air pressure is quick and easy and allows for a variety of finishes/speed of processing.
Aggressive or gentle, simply choose the settings that suit your needs best.

Nuclear Decontamination

One of the more unusual uses for the machines is nuclear decontamination. With its dust suppressing properties and ability to capture waste water effectively, the process is a way to clean dangerous contaminants from components.

And many more industries including...

Energy sector (renewables and legacy)
Scientific research
Engineering and construction projects
Wheel restoration
Food equipment manufacturing...

The Process

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