The Dana-Ridge wetblast system is used in a number of industries. Here are just a few of the that commonly use our equipment to improve their part cleaning productivity and customer presentation.

Automotive Industry
Aviation Industry
Stainless Steel Industry
Extrusion Industry
Casting Industry
Electronics Industry
Marine Industry

Commonly used by diesel fuel pump repairers, engine reconditioners, turbo-charger repairers, motorcycle repairers, vintage car and automotive component restorers. Presentation of a restored part is second to none.

Typically used for the cleaning of hot end turbo propellor blades, jet engine blades, helicopter components and aviation engine components. 

Jewellery manufacturers of rings, charms bracelets pieces, ear-rings, etc… use the wet blast process to remove investment casting material off the precious metal casting tree without the loss precious metal material.

Removing the heat effected zone and light peening of the welded joints is easily done using glass bead with the wet blast process. No heat is generated during the wet blast process and no acids or other harmful chemicals are needed. The process is very user-friendly.

Expensive circuit boards can be repaired and put back into service. The wet blast process is gentle enough to remove the protective lacquer from the copper tracks and circuit board component mounts without damaging the resin base. This allows repairs to be made, circuit board tested, re-lacquered and put back into service.

Whether it is removing aluminium solder build-up on extrusion dies or removing build-up off high pressure injection molds , the wet blast process quickly completes this task without any mechanical damage the die tool-steel. 

Slashing cleaning times on ships governors, marine engine components and cleaning up propellor blade joints prior to crack testing. No need to degrease or pre-clean the part prior to processing.