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017 Filling the wetblaster with media

Adding media to your wetblast machine

When using the wetblast machine it is important to get the amount of media correct for a number of reasons.
1. Too little media and you will spend longer processing parts than you should, leading to lost productivity
2. Too much and you may block the agitation hose meaning loss of blasting capability and in extreme cases, pump damage.
3. Checking the media level at regular intervals allows you to maintain the most efficient media concentration throughout the day.

DO NOT operate the pump dry

Before adding the media, it is important that you first fill the machine with water. You’ll know when there is enough water in the sump when it begins to dribble out of the overflow, after which you can close the fill valve on the back of the machine.

media on the turntable

Place media on the turntable

Rather than putting the media directly into the sump, it is recommended to place it on the turntable and wash it down using the process gun. 

Initial amounts:

Mercury or Comet we recommend starting with 1.5-4kg.

 The Mars we suggest a full 25kg bag

The Titan, 2 x 25kg bags

Check the levels

Once you have added the initial charge, use the provided ‘Media Concentration Jar’ to measure. Add more as necessary until the optimal level is achieved. Use the lines on the jar as a guide after letting the media settle for a minute or two.

Note: Less media is required when using finer grades as it tends to ‘pack down’ easily. In this case, temporarily opening the water filler valve at the rear, in conjunction with media pump operation can help with startup.

The Mars and larger have big motors plus ‘anti-cavitation features’ that make overloading the machine less likely.

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