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020 Environmentally Friendly Blasting

Environmental benefits of the wetblast process

The Dana-Ridge wetblast process is one of the most environmentally friendly ways to surface finish components. Not just that, the exposure of operators to risks normally associated with blasting are dramatically reduced.

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The benefits can't be overstated

Low water usage

By recirculating the abrasive and water, the only extra consumption is from the trickle of water to lubricate the wiper blade for improved visibility or the rinse gun for washing down finished components.



Water usage can be reduced to almost zero with the optional closed-loop system. The only water required will be for the initial fill and to replenish any water lost through the natural process of atmospheric evaporation.

Dust Suppression

The water suppressing qualities of the process combined with the cabinet containment ensure a cleaner workshop and added protection to the operator.

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hazardous material

Dana-Ridge machines have been used in fields such as nuclear, chemical and the petrochemical industry. The ability to contain the blasted material and the dust suppression of the water makes it ideal for minimizing risks to the operator and easier separation/disposal of the dangerous material.

Operator Isolation

The operator is kept separate from both the components being blasted and the blast media. Everything is contained and any waste can be separated out for easy and safe disposal. 

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Abrasive longevity

Much longer abrasive life than a dry process means less waste, less cost and a more efficient use of resources. No need to discard abrasive that gets wet either, allowing re-use later on.

Some abrasives are made from recycled material. Crushed glass for example is made from recycled bottles.

Low power consumption

Using electric motors that exceed the Australian standards for efficiency, combined with the highly efficient Dana-Ridge wet blast process, means lower energy costs and lower CO2 emissions.

To learn more about energy requirements click here.

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Low noise pollution

People who visit our workshop are often surprised by how quiet the machines are. The fibreglass cabinets give greater noise attenuation than stainless steel. A Mars machine pumping abrasive with no air is approximately 74dB and with compressed air applied is approximately 79dB

Oils, grease and other soils

Allows simultaneous oil and grease removal  for environmentally safe disposal. Especially useful is the closed-loop system. For processing very oily parts, a special detergent called aqua kleen can be added to the machine to improve separation. 

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No dangerous chemicals

Safer Cleaning

The Dana-Ridge process does not rely on dangerous, hot, foul smelling chemicals and  the disposal costs they can incur.  Operators are not exposed to these dangerous liquids either, which greatly improves workplace health and safety.

Air Vent

Machines have a vent that prevents compressed air from pressurising the cabinet. This helps with operator visibility and if desired can be ducted out of the workshop.

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Water usage

Able to use recycled water

The Dana-Ridge process does not require the use of potable water which means that if you aren’t near a mains water supply other methods can be used. For the most efficient use of water we recommend the closed loop system.

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