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Wetblasting and

Engine Overhauls

Wetblasting is a money saving method of removing caked grease, dirt and carbon from components on passenger, bus and commercial vehicles during reconditioning and overhauls.

Cleaning is carried out using media such as glass beads or alumina grit (aluminium oxide), pushed by a high volume low pressure pump to a process gun where it is accelerated using compressed air. 

Using this method , all components can be cleaned and degreased in a single non-toxic operation which gives an “as new” appearance in a matter of minutes. Complex shapes are easily handled and such notoriously difficult areas internal threads present no problems to the wet blast process.

Furthermore, there is no measurable metal removal so that all components retain the original manufacturing tolerances subject only to the effects of wear which may have taken place during use of the vehicle.

The high degree of cleanliness which is achieved simplifies inspection since any cracks, blemishes or areas of wear are more easily seen.

Obvious areas where wet blasting is valuable include engine, gearbox, transmission and axle components, many of which become heavily caked with grime. The effects of heat during long runs makes this extremely difficult to remove by normal methods but presents no problem to the Dana-Ridge wetblast machines.

Similar problems exist with fuel systems. Scrupulous attention to cleanliness is essential to ensure there is no dirt in fuel lines, pumps, injectors or carburettors. Another area of maintenance where high standards are essential is the braking system. Again, the wet blast processwill ensure that all parts are fully cleaned, including those which receive deposits of brake pad dust.

Not to mention all the other possibilities associated with engine overhauls such as valves and cylinder heads

The process may also be used for stripping paint, the PVC coatings off steering wheels when worn and for restoring the lustre on more decorative components.

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