Frequently Asked Questions

How long does the pump last?

Based on historical averages, approximately 12,500 to 14,000 operating hours from the urethane lined pump using aluminium oxide. Using glass bead abrasive, higher operating hours have been achieved.

How much media does it use?

Approximately 1 kg of media for every blasting hour. However, this can vary depending upon many factors i.e. angle of slurry impact on the work-piece, air atomisation pressure, media durability, etc…

Do you supply parts / media?

We supply everything you need to keep your machine operating. Dana-Ridge has been supplying equipment for our machines since 1987.

Why fibreglass and not stainless steel cabinets?

Fibreglass is quieter, easily repaired and is ideal for wet conditions. The internal fibreglass walls are protected from the blast stream by internal white PVC curtains which also increase visibility by intensifying the overhead cabinet light.

What type of media can I use?

You can use most abrasive media except for steel based abrasive such as steel shot & slag. Steel will severely damage the polymer lining of the pump.

Commonly used abrasive media include

  • Glass bead
  • Sodium Bicarbonate (Soda)
  • Crushed glass
  • Garnet
  • plastic
  • apricot kernel
  • silicone carbide
  • walnut shell
  • Aluminium oxide

Abrasive media selection depends on your specific product finish requirements.

What are the advantages over a dry-blaster?

  • No dust
  • No heat distortion
  • No fingerprint marking when touching blasted parts
  • No media impregnation into the metal
  • No need to pre-clean
  • Longer media life = reduced abrasive costs
  • Able to use much finer media than a dry blast cabinet

What do I need to get started?

Our machines come with a starter kit comprised of:

  • 2 x 25 kg bags of media
  • 1 x 20 L drum of “Aqua No-Rust”
  • 1 x Media concentration test jar

It’s a Plug N Play machine. Just connect the water supply to run the window wash, the air from a suitably sized compressor and connect in the power supply (plug supplied on the 240-Volt machines, 3-phase machines usually hardwired by customer). The machines are ready to go

A turntable and gun mounting post are included as standard with our wet blast cabinets.

What is “Aqua No-Rust”?

“No rust” is an optional temporary rust inhibitor for use on ferrous materials. It provides up to 2 weeks protection if the part is stored indoors in a dry area. It can be removed with water if desired or painted straight over.

Is there any waste?

Very worn media and extra water from the window wash/ rinse gun will dribble out the overflow for catchment in a container or recirculate via the optional settlement tank.

Is it a closed system?

The media and water slurry will continuously cycle in the machine. As stated above extra water introduced to the machine will dribble out the overflow. This can be discarded (contact your local government authority to confirm the regulations regarding treatment of industrial waste water in your local area). Alternatively, you can purchase the optional 240L settlement tank which will create a fully closed system in which you will not require mains water supply as all water will be recirculated.

I have oily parts to blast, will that cause a problem?

Mildly oily parts will not cause problems. If there is excessive oil there is the optional product called “Aqua Kleen” which is a low foam detergent that helps dissipate oil.

How noisy is it?

Mars machine pumping slurry with no air is approximately 74dB

Mars machine pumping slurry and air approximately 79dB

Can I safely blast “case hardened” components?

Yes, blasting will not ruin the hardened characteristics of the steel.

How hard is it to change media?

There are two options. The most basic is to direct the gun flow (air off) into a bucket. The solids will sink to the bottom for reuse later. There is also an optional “portable wet cyclone” that attaches to the machine and spins the media out into a separate pot, all with a simple turn of a butterfly valve.

Why buy from Dana-Ridge?

  • We have been operating in Australia since 1987
  • We supply all parts and consumables.
  • We are able to provide technical support
  • All our quotes are in Australian dollars and there are no hidden costs.
  • Our machines are fully tested before they leave the workshop.
  • 12 month warranty against any manufacturing defects (excluding consumables)