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040 Considerations for a contract blasting business

Contract Blasting as a business

Using a commercial-grade wetblast unit from Dana-Ridge

Some considerations

So you’re looking to start a business as a contract wetblaster.

Perhaps you know a lot of people and businesses that are crying out for quality surface finishing and it’s a unique service you would like to provide.

Or perhaps you have a bunch of parts you want to blast and are sick of paying someone else with long waiting times.

Maybe you want a side-hustle alongside your regular job.

Whatever the reason, the Dana-Ridge wetblast machines are designed to work hour after hour, are up to the job and are built tough.

The Goal

The goal is to provide a timely service for your customers that leaves them impressed with your work and making you money.

Dana-Ridge wetblast machines are commercial grade units, that are fast, efficient and robust. Combine that with the comfort of knowing Dana-Ridge is there to provide backup and support.

Why Dana-Ridge?

Dana-Ridge has been in operation since 1987 with the current management since 2004. Our machines come with a 12 month warranty and we carry all the parts and consumables you will ever need. 

We have a crazy notion that people don’t want to be ignored by customer service or fobbed off to a soul-less computer that gets confused if a generic response isn’t sufficient.

  We want our customers to have a good experience and are eager to assist where we can. 

Not all wetblast machines are the same

Some units do less than impressive work.

To see how the Dana-Ridge process differs, please click on the button below

We have a large number of customers in a wide variety of industries.

The most popular units for contract blasting businesses are the COMET and the MARS

Optional Accessory - Side Extension Unit

This fibreglass housing bolts to the side of either the COMET or the MARS to extend the width of the unit by 400mm. White polymer blast curtains serve several functions including light reflectivity, protection of the fibreglass from the blast stream and redirection of media back to the pump via the angled base and slats covering the cavity inside. The unit can be fitted to a new machine or as an after-market option for an existing Dana-Ridge wetblast unit.

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