Introducing the COMET wetblaster

glass bead engine
wet blasted transmission case

High Quality Commercial Grade Unit

The COMET wetblast machine is one of our most popular units. 

With its large interior and the option of 240V single phase or 415V 3-phase it is a versatile machine that takes surface finishing to the next level.

Backed by Dana-Ridge, this machine will perform reliably day in and day out in a busy workshop. It’s a commercial grade unit meaning that it is not only built to last but that it will produce the best quality work quicker and more efficiently. 

A Variety of Applications

The pump is a powerful high volume unit with a superior agitation system that ensures even more efficient blasting.

Although commonly used in automotive and motorcycle restorations and the marine industry, it is by no means limited to these applications.  

Typical media used in this machine is glass bead, aluminium oxide and garnet. It is certainly not limited to these however; you can use blast media such as plastic, soda, walnut shell and much more besides.

Comet interior


Should you need that bit of extra space for awkward shaped parts there is the optional side extension unit for even more versatility!

Comet side unit


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Once you have one of these machines, you'll wonder how you ever got along without it!