Introducing the COMET wetblaster

The Comet model has a workshop footprint of  120cm x 140cm.

It has a 28-litre steel sump that takes a 1.5 to 4 kg initial charge of abrasive.

This model is available in either 240-volt or 415-volt and requires 18 to 30 cfm of air to run efficiently.

Typical industry applications for this model machine include;

  • Motorcycle and Car engines,
  • Reconditioning and Restoration of metal components,
  • Marine industry.

Typical media types used in this machine are glass bead, aluminium oxide and garnet.

A side extension unit can increase the available space in the cabinet for awkward parts. Click here to learn more.

For more detailed information about this model click here for a brochure and see below for a video…