From left to right: Neptune (walk-in blast room), Mercury, Comet, Mars and Titan

Choose the Wetblast Machine that's right for you

If you don’t see something here that suits your needs we can custom design something that will


The Mercury Wetblaster

This little machine is best suited for smaller components and typical industry applications are the diesel fuel pump industry, Jewellery manufacturers and stainless-steel medical component manufacturers to name just a few.

It has a small footprint which is useful for a workshop that is tight on space. It also has a flip-top lid, again, making it a compact unit. It has a lower air requirement that the larger machines and runs from 240V power making it suitable for more limited workshops.

The Comet Wetblaster

Typical industry uses include motorcycle and car engines, reconditioning and restoration of metal components and the marine industry.

It is available in 240V or 415 3phase depending on the power available at your workshop making it a very versatile machine indeed. It is one of the most popular machines in our range along with the Mars.

The Mars Wetblaster

Typical industry applications for the Mars machine are engine reconditioners, contract wetblasters, Tool-makers in the plastic and metal extrusion die industry, the aviation and marine industry and many more. Available in 3phase power, able to hold up to 200kg centrally located on the turntable and built tough for a busy workshop environment. One of the most popular in our range along with the Comet above.

The Saturn Wetblaster

Stainless steel cabinets in 3 sizes up to 1800mm x 1800mm It allows for components weighing 1000kg or more. Two doors and side-load station make loading and unloading easier. They are custom-made and have a wide variety of options available.

Just give Dana-Ridge a call on

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The Titan Wetblaster

Typical users include high pressure, metal injection industry, defence industry and mining industry. It’s another large machine with either multi-gun semi-automatic features or single gun operation and can hold up to 750kg on the 1200mm turntable. 2 doors and a side-load station make this a useful machine for the big guys.

The Neptune wetblaster

Walk-in setup with typical industry applications that include the stainless-steel industry, defence industry and large food equipment manufacturers. The operator/s suit up just like in a dry-blast room setup. You get all the benefits of the wetblast system without the need for an expensive dust extraction system.












Cabinet Volume

L x W x H

67x68x62 cm90x89x73 cm105x103x92 cm166x150x108 cm105x103x92 cmVaried to Customer Need/Requirement



1.5 kW1.5 kW4.0 kW5.5-11 kW4-15 kW5.5-15 kW
Anti-Cavitation FeatureNoNoYesYesYesYes



26 litres21 litres125 litres250 litres200 – 276 litres (varies with Cabinet size)200 – 580 litres (varies with Sump size)
Abrasive Media Capacity4-7 kg4-7 kg15 to 26 kg40 to 50 kg40 to 50 kgNom. 50 kg varies with Sump size



240V415V or 240V option415V415V415V415V




Air Requirement


15-26 cfm18-30 cfm18-34 cfm40-60 cfm34 cfm per Gun40-60 cfm



1/2″ BSP1/2″ BSP1/2″ BSP1/2″ BSP1/2″ to 1″ BSP1″ BSP



50 kg50 kg200 kg750 kg750 – 1200 kgNot Applicable
Nom. Turntable Diameter50 cm50 cm70 cm125 cm107 – 125 cmNot Applicable



1/2″ BSP1/2″ BSP1/2″ BSP1/2″ BSP1/2″ BSP1/2″ BSP

After deciding that the wetblast process is they way to go, the next step is to find the machine best suited to your needs. A wide variety of uses, workshop setups and budgets can all influence the choice of cabinet.

Dana-Ridge has a standard range of cabinets that will meet the needs of most applications. In the picture above are just some of the offerings available.

Customised machines can include various levels of automation, different sizing options and automatic rinsing and air-drying of parts.

In order to choose the best setup, it is best to call us on

Australia: 1800 806 316

New Zealand:0800 944 788

By letting us know the application you intend to use the blast machine for, we can advise you on how to get the very best value.