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019 How to change the abrasive in your Dana-Ridge wet blast abrasive cabinet

One of the advantages of the Dana-Ridge wetblast units is their ability to offer a wide variety of surface finishes. This can be achieved through blast pressure and abrasive choices.

Many times a particular media can do everything you need and you may only need to use one type of media all the time. Mid to large size glass bead can give a nice bright finish while also removing coating such as paint.

 However, should you require different qualities from your abrasive, there a three methods removing the existing media from your Dana-Ridge wetblast machine.

Option 1. Use the optional Porta-wet-cyclone available from Dana-Ridge (either the mini unit or its big brother).


  • Works without the operator needing to be present (useful in a busy workshop)
  • 99% of media removed (even with fine media) 
  • Mini unit is compact and lightweight and easily connects and disconnects from the Dana-Ridge process gun (only)
  • Large unit is moved around on wheels and can be disconnected to left permanently connected if desired and operated with a simple butterfly valve.
  • Large unit has its own collection bowl that can be easily emptied using the empty
  • Media can be stored for re-use later
  • Solids are collected in the container while water is returned to the sump
  • Additives such as NO RUST or AQUA KLEEN remain in the sump.
portable wet cyclone

Using the mini PWC to remove abrasive from the machine without the need to empty the water

The large PWC is useful for removing abrasive from larger machines without the need to empty the water.

Option 2. Place a container on the turntable and aim the process gun into it with the media on / air off


  • Cheap (just requires a bucket)
  • 77% – 98% of media removed (depending on how coarse or fine the media is) *
  • Additives such as NO RUST or AQUA KLEEN remain in the sump


  • Operator must be present to direct the process gun into the bucket
  • Efficiency decreases the finer the media
  • Efficiency decreases when using larger machines with more powerful pumps as the media has less of a chance to settle before being flung from the bucket

*Tests done in a COMET machine with a 1.5kW pump using fresh 120 brown oxide and AH glass bead and operated for 10 minutes.

Option 3. Empty the machine at the drain valve thus removing the media AND the water and then refilling with the desired media.


  • Free
  • Most thorough method as all of the media and water is removed
  • Allows changing of the water too.


  • Loss of any additives such as NO RUST or AQUA KLEEN (unless the original water is reintroduced into the machine.
  • Extra time and effort involved compared to the other methods
Mars rear drain valve