038 What is vapor blasting?

What is vapor blasting? Vapor blasting is a similar to the Dana-Ridge wet blast process whereby a volume of water and abrasive are agitated in a sump and then directed…

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Vapor blasting vs wet blasting

037 Top Ten Tips and Tricks

10 Ways to optimise your Dana-Ridge Wetblaster Contact Us When running a blasting business, you want;  a) To produce the highest quality results possible  b) to do it the most…

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033 How to blast

How to Blast Here we'll go over how the machines work and the actual process of blasting. How the Machines Work Wet abrasive blast cabinets recycle a slurry of media…

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032 Dosing Rates

Having put your machine (and closed loop tank if purchased) in the desired location and connected services such as compressed air, water and electricity the next step is to fill…

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031 Troubleshooting

Dana-Ridge wetblast machines are reliable commercial grade machines that are designed to work constantly and consistently day in and day out. They are not toys and we have customers that…

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