043 The Free Starter Kit

A free starter kit is provided with a new wetblast machine purchase from Dana-Ridge. It means you can get to work straight away

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041 Health and Safety

Wetblast machines have many advantages over traditional dry blasting. One of them is the health and safety aspect.

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036 Media wear

Worn Media? You may notice after some time  that the finish is not quite as good as it once was.  This may mean it’s time to replace the media completely.…

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035 Accessory – Wheel Support

Accessory - Wheel support This month we'll look at the wheel support/ wheel spike. Very useful when you process a lot of wheels. Our machines are used in a variety…

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032 Dosing Rates

Having put your machine (and closed loop tank if purchased) in the desired location and connected services such as compressed air, water and electricity the next step is to fill…

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