Side Extension Unit

Available for the COMET or MARS Today we're going to cover yet another option available for Dana-Ridge wetblast units  that can add even more versatility to an already versatile machine.If…

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Wet blasting types

Common Wetblasting Processes (Not including 'open' systems such as those used for graffiti removal for example') It can get a little confusing when discussing “wetblasting” as it has been used…

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Machine installation

Machine Installation Quick start guide Here at Dana-Ridge we are often asked about the set-up requirements for our wetblast units.Customers will be up and running in no time at all…

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Glass bead available from Dana-Ridge

Is all glass bead the same? And how does this picture relate? Not all glass bead is destined for use in a blast machine. Dana-Ridge sells Potters Ballotini Impact spheres…

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1945 Rolls Royce Merlin

Wetblasting a part from a vintage motor There’s a great deal of satisfaction gained from restoring a filthy old part and making it look like new (or better than new…

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