Commonly used by diesel fuel pump repairers, engine reconditioners, turbo-charger repairers, motorcycle repairers, vintage car and automotive component restorers. Presentation of a restored part is second to none.

Car and motorcycle parts are brought back to life and come out looking like new. The huge variety of finishes means whether you’re blasting modern or vintage parts, you can tailor the setup to get the finish you require. 

The environmentally-friendly, dust-free operation of these machines is a huge advantage over other forms of surface finishing and the non-destructive nature of the machines means you can take comfort in knowing you’re not going to destroy irreplaceable parts.

The cooling action of the water means there’s no heat distortion either!


Wetblasting reveals the truth...

Done with an aggressive aluminium oxide (hence the matte finish of the metal). Wetblasting exposed the reality behind the paint on this Honda petrol tank.  More bog than metal!

Nothing can hide from the Dana-Ridge process.

vapour blasted piston

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Once you have one of these machines, you'll wonder how you ever got along without it!