Dana-Ridge Side Airlocks

Unlike the Side Extension Unit that increases the usable space inside the cabinet, the airlock system allow parts to be passed through the cabinet entirely.

This is very useful if you have parts to blast that are too long to fit inside the usual space. You simply unbolt the cover plates when required and feed the parts through, blasting a section at a time.

The  blast curtain strips perform several functions

  1. The extremely durable material protects the inside of the cabinet from the blast stream
  2. Minimises any media loss and contains the slurry for redistribution through the pump.
  3. Keeps the machine environmentally friendly by containing everything within the machine.
  4. The bright white surface allows great visibility by reflecting the light from the overhead light unit.

There is the option of having one airlock or two depending on your requirements and its compact design means it doesn’t take up much more room than a standard machine. This maximises the usable space in your workshop. The cover plates mean it’s easy to convert your machine to standard any time you wish. The dimensions of the airlock shown are W500mm x H350mm.

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