Dana-Ridge - Australia's Home of the Wetblast Process

Welcome to Dana-Ridge, Australia’s home of the wet blast process.

Since 1987 Dana-Ridge has been selling, manufacturing, modifying and servicing commercial grade wet blast cabinet systems to customers here in Australia and around the world.

Wetblasting can describe a multitude of processes and can be known by a variety of names such as slurry blasting, vapour/vapor blasting, vapour/ vapor honing . Some outdoor open systems are also called wetblasters, (just to add to the complexity).

Just click on the link to learn more about the Dana-Ridge wetblast process.

Dana-Ridge wetblasters DO NOT use the inferior venturi process, nor do they use submersible pumps common in home-handyman units.They use a high volume pump with a common collection point for a far superior and consistent workflow.

Just ONE environmentally friendly machine will  replace your dusty dryblaster with its  inferior finish AND the parts washer with its nasty hazardous chemicals. Never mind the time saved from scrubbing and cleaning. From delicate finishes on soft metals and plastics to paint and powdercoat removal, the Dana-Ridge wetblaster can do it all!

The unique, high volume, low pressure process uses an abrasive slurry and compressed air. It’s a system that has a multitude of advantages over dry blast units such as…

  • Superior finish on a range of materials
  • Efficient
  • Safe
  • Dust-free
  • Environmentally friendly
  • No heat distortion
  • No fingerprint marking when touching blasted parts
  • No media impregnation into the metal
  • No need to degrease
  • No need to pre-clean
  • Longer media life = reduced abrasive costs
  • Able to use much finer media than a dry blast cabinet

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Once you have one of these machines, you'll wonder how you ever got along without it!